What my Clients Say About Me

Every client has the potential for success. I help them discover it.

By showing up and doing the work, these clients are true examples of living their dreams out loud. We all have obstacles that can stop us in our tracks, but what makes my clients so unbelievably great is their commitment to the process and an attitude that does not quit.

My income has increased five times or more…

For six months, I have been able to take all of my systems and programs and helped people mend their broken finances all over the world…

Carol Hunter – The Money Mender

Mia has been able to help me up level my business to a new level that I didn’t really imagine…

To see the other possibilities like my coaching program which I was able to create in a matter of a few months

Yolanda Lenzy – www.LenzyDerm.com

Mia will definitely give you steps to implement to get results…

You will not be running in circles and she cuts your learning time significantly.

Camille Hazlewood – Fertility Coach

Closed over $50,000.00 in one day…

If you’ve been thinking about working with Mia Redrick yourself, don’t put it off any longer!

Dr. Fred Jones – Speaker / Author / Coach – World’s only Worthologist

Create and sold a $20,000.00 offer within 24 hours!

It’s not always what you know, it’s what you don’t see in yourself and having that person to show you and teach you is priceless…I would pay Mia again and again for the transformation I’ve witnessed.

Jasmin “Yahya” Smith – Queen of Femininity

She made $10,000 within one month of the event and hit $225,000 within six months of attending the retreat

Take the leap, just jump, just do it!

Shayla Smart – Shaylasmart.com

Anytime she speaks she shares something phenomenal that I’d never heard before…

I had to be here to hear the 10, 15 more nuggets to get me to the next level

Mele Williams – The Diplomatic Scribe & Candid Conversation Coach

She will absolutely change your life and whatever work you do…

She has this incredible way of taking the work that you have and taking it to a whole new level.

Colleen Hawthorne, M.D. – The Vibrant Living Doctor

Witnessed instant wealth creation!

I walked away knowing that I am truly in control of my business and my journey…

Cathy Allen – Sensory environmental consultant – The Green Ambassador for Maryland


I came to Time for Mom-me Retreat because I’m part of Mia’s Core Mom’s Academy Group and Mia has been teaching us a lot about creating strategies on not just being a mom but being ourselves and making sure that we are happy with ourselves and we have some sort of balance in our lives with our family, with our business, and with our personal life; and I’ve done a little bit but got a little bit off track and also I just needed to break, so it’s like this is going to be the perfect time. I had a few “Ahuh!”, one of it was the BLUEPRINT. The blueprint seminar was really shocking because I quickly notice patterns between my mom and I where she would take care of herself and then she would stop going and then she was always working and always doing stuff for me not necessarily for herself and I notice similar patterns in my life. So now that I’ve noticed that and I’ve established that as being a pattern that I don’t want to continue, I’m leaving here with steps on how to do better. Rani Craft

Craft Web Solutions

“I accepted your challenge to close at least $20,000 for my new 6 month program by July 31st.. At 2:25pm TODAY, my final total is $20,298!!!!!!! The best news: my final client is in Kenya, East Africa. Soooooo, my new program has thrust me back into the international market place and that’s very exciting and empowering.” Carol Hunter,

The Money Mender

“I just wanted to sincerely thank Mia…because of this amazing woman I will be meeting for a development deal on three of my television shows in just 4 short weeks!“ Dee Blackmon

Writer, Author Producer

“So I was challenged by our fearless leader Mia to maximize my opportunity for my beta Business Bootcamp program that I launched. In between my launch, I have been dealing with some serious health issues that really lit fire under me to really design a program that would enable me to value my time and enable me to deal with my health issues at the same time. After really implementing strategies that Mia provided, I did pretty well in my first launch with my beta group that made $12k at first. As I was gaining & implementing feedback from the current beta testers, I decided to launch another group of beta testers to see if the new changes that I implemented would make the program better for the new testers. I wasn’t able to really promote this time around because I ended up having a really bad Crohns and Lupus flare-up that really set me back. Up until today, I had made roughly $4k on the second group. Well one of the beta testers had a corporation contact me. The corporation has decided to sponsor future entrepreneurs that are single mothers trying to get off of welfare to take my program to help assist them with developing, implementing and starting their own businesses […] My discounted beta testing program launch made roughly $22k! […] Mia thank you for pushing us and really keeping me encouraged. I may not say much or brag about my accomplishments much but trust me…I’m listening and implementing…thank you again for the challenge!! I also have to thank my accountability team…without their support and feedback I would have given up awhile ago! They are the best!!!”

Marcie Nixon

Business Strategist

Prior to working with Mia, I lacked the ability to say no to unhealthy demands and unreasonable expectations. I couldn’t focus on my business goals. I let perfectionism and procrastination get in the way of finishing projects.I made excuses: I was exhausted from caring for my late mother prior to her death. “Now that mom is gone, sister and dad need me to take care of them. ” But the truth is, I didn’t have a system to deal with life’s challenges and remain focused on the needs of my immediate family and my business.Within 30 days of working with Mia, I’d completed an e-book (AND brought it to market), and created an exciting new direction for my business. AND I have established healthy boundaries with my extended family!I would advise anyone dealing with similar challenges to run — not walk — to Mia’s expert and compassionate guidance.” Mele Williams

The Diplomatic Scribe

“As I approach the Women’s workshop entitled “I had to change!” for which I will be a co-keynote speaker next Saturday, I would be remised if I didn’t thank you for helping me change and discover my purpose for this life. How I could do what I love to, help people and grow leaders. Help others realize their true potential from the inside out and thrive. Simply put, grow powerful leaders.

I vividly recall our conversation at the Power-Up Philly event and the time you took to listen to me and gently guide me. Little did I know that hanging with you, Terri and Pete would yield me my own business, my first contract that yielded more than double my investment, various speaking events and let’s not forget author status. All in less than one year. If I wasn’t juggling a full time job along with building my business, who know how much more I would have yielded.

Mia Redrick, thank you for teaching me the systems to build a sound business, thank you for being on the phone to guide me through many critical business decisions, thank you for raising the bar for me every time we spoke, thank you for teaching my worth and last but not least, THANK YOU for believing in me!

The value you have added to me personally, to my business and to my life exceeded my expectations. You are classy and effective coach focused on results. I appreciate you!”

Ilka Chavez

“Before I worked with Mia on my book, Sole to Soul: How to Identify Your Soul Purpose and Monetize It, I had already been a successful business coach/consultant and had already made my first million by 31 and wrote 2 books; however, although I was proud of my business and the impacts that it was making with my clients, I was not pleased at all with the 2 books I had done prior. I felt like I did not have the winning formula yet AND THEN, Enter Mia Redrick!! Working with Mia was one of the best business decisions that I made. The way she coached me around my book, she literally coached my book out of me. I was so pleased with the process and she made it easy. As a result of working with Mia, I am now an Amazon bestselling author and my book has been consumed around the world. Furthermore, I am proud of this creation and have been able to leverage it for additional products and services in my business. As a result of working with Mia Redrick and getting my core message and purpose out there, it further gave me the courage to do a world tour and step up in my ability to serve entrepreneurs that are servant hearts, givers, purpose driven, spiritual and cultural creatives. It was not just about the book, Mia allowed me to organize my soul’s message in a way that catapulted my level of clarity and solidified my ability to connect with people, even when I am not in the room. This experience was priceless and I have recommended Mia to several amazing people that are up to big things. If you are reading this, I want you to know that Mia Redrick is the real deal and she brings a winning formula to any service that she provides.” Melissa Evans-Hughes

“I am Lisa Larter (your favourite client) and I help business owners integrate modern marketing with effective strategy to increase sales and profits. Before I met Mia I had this big idea for a book and I didn’t know how to start or even if my idea was worth pursuing. I struggled to find a way to fulfill my dream of writing a book. Now I have a book, Pilot to Profit and it’s a #1 Best Selling book in multiple categories and countries. In fact, Amazon named it a #1 Hot New Release the day it came out and was sold out everywhere within hours! Love you Mia!” Lisa Larter

Author of Pilot and Profit, A # 1 Best Selling Book

“Core Moms Coaching Program has helped me grow both personally and professionally. The information that Mia taught helped me decode some of the mysteries of owning a small business such as how to create information products, making an editorial calendar, contract negotiation, building a community of loyal followers, protecting your intellectual property, branding, investing in yourself and the importance of self-care. What I love most about Mia is that she teaches her clients the same strategies that she uses in her business, which lets me know that they really do work. I have witnessed this in my own business with the growth I’ve experienced over the past 12 months. Equally important is that I made new friends and have built lasting relationships with like-minded women who “get me”. I’m grateful to have met Mia and I recommend Core Moms to any aspiring, new or seasoned mompreneur.” Erica Gordon

The Mom Elevation Expert CEO of MomsWithDreams University

“I earned over $30K with my book Let’s Not Be Partners. I’m grateful for Mia Redrick’s ability to coach and to support me with building this product. I recouped my investment 1000 X’S!” Glen Garnes

Founder, Village Connector Community

“As a PGA Golf Professional, I value great coaching and instruction. Mia Redrick helped me turn my dream of becoming a bestselling author into a reality. In addition, she helped me close my first partnership to sell my books in bulk to a local school district. My investment has returned 100%. Thank you Mia. You are the best!” Tim Sanders

A PGA Golf Professional and a Best Selling Author

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