3 transformational days dedicated to smart, sharp women that are game changers

April 24th to 26th – The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile
Beach Resort & Spa, Cayman Islands

Imagine a weekend designed to support you with elevating your purpose, identifying your calling, monetizing your gifts, and executing at your highest to build a time-rich business model, using education and expertise that you already have.

What if you could learn through an immersive weekend: how to package, price, position your brand, and learn the process to attract the right audience from a mentor who has supported thousands of women with creating products and services from scratch.

This powerful and empowering weekend will enhance your ability to launch your life and business journey with greater clarity and confidence. So that you are able to stand in your value using your gifts to create the freedom that you desire.


Packaging What You Know at The Highest Level

It is time to abandon old models that do not allow you to serve from your tallest place.  You will learn how to package yourself in ways that will attract the right audience who are seeking the results you provide.  You will learn how to shift your own understanding of what your audience truly desires from you and by day three, and you will leave knowing how to implement what you know. If you desire to know how to profitably build high-end products/service models utilizing your expertise, this is for you.

Value Your Transformation

If you are ready to learn elevated ways to charge for your services that create maximum results, this conversation will be a game-changer for you.  Gone are the days of trading time for dollars or google searching the market to understand what fees you should charge.  I will teach you the exact process that I use to support my clients with standing in their value and building a profitable business that over-delivers without over-giving. It’s time to earn your worth.

Position Yourself in The Marketplace as The Obvious Choice

If you want to attract the right audience, then you must know how to market the correct message to the right people.  Have you ever considered that less is more?  You will learn new ways to get a new audience in front of you immediately without complicated funnels, time-consuming launches, blogs, podcasts, ineffective live-streaming or any of the things you may be doing that are not supporting your business growth.

How to Attract Investors

There is a new way to sell frequently to investors who want results.  I’ll share with you step by step the process I use to get in front of women ready to say, “Yes” quickly without being pressured, taking credit cards over the phone, or any cheesy way to sell.  I’ll show you how to get the right audience asking you how can they work with you. I will share the exact systems I used to build my client base from zero to thousands, it’s simple, it works, and it’s systematic.



Mia Redrick, Lifestyle Brand and Business Coach

Mia is a Master Coach who has the business-savvy mindset of a corporate go-getter with the warmth and compassion of a mother and friend. Always straight forward and honest, with a hint of whimsical humor and tempered with heart.

She has personally coached thousands of women and entrepreneurs, with thousands more using her virtual programs, inner circle groups, and countless more avidly following her on social media platforms via live-stream. Her intent is always to pour into her clients, getting them to see and understand how they can leverage what they already know and build an amazing business from that. She is also a television personality (including being a segment host on the Emmy-nominated show “America Now”) and a bestselling author.

What makes her unique as a coach is that her career was built from her home. By allowing her life to inform her business (and not the other way around), she has been able to support her family to the fullest – financially and emotionally. Mia takes a no-nonsense approach by teaching you how to build your business on your own terms and how to get clients to come to you. She teaches professionals how to build premium products that deliver amazing results based on packaging, pricing and positioning what they already know from their education, experience and expertise.


Mia is the “real deal” coach who has tons of weekly examples of clients creating, packaging and selling premium products.


We will teach how to grow your business and the importance of moving your body all weekend long through our Bellydance, Yoga, Zumba sessions intended to shake things up.  I have some special guests coming to elevate your understanding around growing your business leads and protecting your intellectual property.

The Giant Experience formerly Time for Mom-me Retreat and Experience weekend is in it’s 9th year supporting women who are ready to change their lives because they are next level action takers.


The Event is For You If:

  • You desire to hit six-figures plus leveraging what you know as a coach, consultant, trainer, speaker or author.
  • You currently earn $100,000+ and are interested in learning how to package what you know in a time-rich system.
  • You are brilliant, smart, sharp and accomplish but need support with packaging your intellect, hard or soft skill into something for you.
  • You are an implementer and go-getter.
  • You believe in investing in yourself.
  • You are confident in your ability to get results for others with your skills.
  • You welcome unconventional ways to step outside of the box to achieve your goals
  • You love being in the company of sharp women who are highly-actionable.

Space Is Limited!
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The Giant Experience is a three day immersive experience.  If you cannot attend the entire weekend for the training,  evening coaching this experience is not for you.  Tickets include breakfast, lunch on Friday, Saturday, Reception on Friday and Brunch on Sunday.